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Alabama Police Misconduct Lawyer
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Alabama Police Misconduct Lawyer / Alabama Police Misconduct

Alabama Police Misconduct Lawyer

According to a 2018 study conducted by Bowling Green State University, 1,100 police officers are arrested every year, or about three officers every day. Crimes include simple assault, aggravated assault, sex crimes and more. About 40% of these crimes are committed while on duty. Over 43% of these arrests were made in southern states such as Alabama.

Keep in mind that the 1,100 figure only includes officers arrested for actual, reported crimes. Much less hard data is available regarding the frequency of police misconduct which occurs but is not reported as a crime or does not lead to an arrest of the officer. Interestingly, the number of 1,100 police officer arrests is coincidentally strikingly close to the number of unarmed people killed by police every year, according to a Washington Post database.

As the 671-page Bowling Green study points out at the start, very little is actually known about crimes committed by law enforcement officers or problems with police integrity, because no comprehensive statistics are collected. What we do know is that police misconduct does occur with alarming frequency, and with dire consequences to the victims of that misconduct. Birmingham police misconduct attorney Alan Lasseter screens each case carefully and takes on only a limited few cases at a time to ensure that the fight he brings to police and government is a righteous cause to hold the “bad apples” accountable and to make law enforcement safer, not only for the officers who do their job correctly, but also for the people they have sworn to protect.

The Lasseter Law Firm helps victims of police misconduct throughout Alabama recover money damages available under federal law to compensate them for the harm which has been inflicted upon them. Below are some of the major forms of police misconduct successfully challenged by our firm. Contact our Alabama police misconduct lawyers online or call the Lasseter Law Firm at 205-438-6591 for a no-cost, confidential consultation.

Jail Medical Negligence

Individuals have a right to be provided with necessary medical treatment when needed, including sent out to outside hospitals for emergency conditions. Too often, though, their medical needs are simply ignored. People arrested with serious health conditions are denied their medications, and individuals who are injured during their arrest are often not even examined, let alone treated. A delay in treatment or refusal to treat creates the risk of serious injury or death that could have otherwise been avoided had jail staff done their jobs properly.

Police Brutality

Tens of thousands of people in America are the victims of excessive force by police officers every year. Fellow officers and departments often turn a blind eye to the wrongful or malicious acts of others and even actively participate in covering up the misdeeds by planting evidence or creating bogus charges. You need someone on your side with experience taking on police brutality cases with successful results. In Alabama, you need the Lasseter Law Firm.

Prison Abuse

Little is known from the outside about what goes on in Alabama county and municipal jails. Physical abuse, deprivation and even sexual abuse of prisoners by guards can and do occur in local jails as well as state and federal prisons. We’ll help you or a loved one hold accountable the perpetrators of jail or prison abuse and the officials charged with preventing, investigating and stopping abuse.

False Arrest

An arrest is a serious matter which can have devastating consequences on your job, your home life and your standing in the community, even if charges are later dropped and you are never actually tried. The U.S. Constitution guarantees the right of people to be free from unreasonable seizures, which in most cases requires that any arrest be based on a warrant or probable cause to believe the individual committed a crime. We’ll help determine when a false arrest has been made, or when a malicious prosecution was pursued despite a lack of probable cause.

How Police Misconduct in Alabama Gets Covered Up

It’s bad enough that police brutality occurs, but what’s insidious are the lengths that guilty officers and their colleagues will go to to cover up the fact they used excessive force in a traffic stop or other encounter or while making an arrest. After more than 20 years of handling cases of police misconduct in Alabama, Birmingham lawyer Alan Lasseter is well aware of what goes on after the fact of police brutality or other misconduct. See below for more information, or contact the Lasseter Law Firm for immediate assistance if you have been harmed by police misconduct.

The Cover Charge

A typical response by the police after using excessive force or committing some other serious misconduct is to charge the victim with some serious crime such as assault, aggravated assault or even attempted murder. This charge provides “cover” to the officer who seeks to justify his use of force to apprehend the suspect or make the arrest. Without video evidence or witnesses to the scene, the victim (now made a criminal defendant) can have a very difficult time proving that there was no need for the use of excessive force, not to mention difficulty defending against the bogus cover charge.

Of course, without the false cover charge and lying under oath, the police don’t have the evidence to support a prosecution of the charge they laid against you, but they are hoping you don’t realize that. Instead they’ll offer you a plea to a lesser charge with a minimal or no penalty… so long as you sign a release of liability for any civil claim you may have against the department. Many people fall for this trick when they don’t have the right lawyer advising them and representing them.

The Blue Wall of Silence

Law enforcement can be a dangerous business, and occasionally law enforcement officers put their lives on the line in certain tense situations. In a dangerous situation, the police rely on their fellow officers to watch their back and back them up; complete trust and faith in each other is therefore a necessary part of the job. Unfortunately, this close-knit camaraderie has led to a culture of silence where police officers not only refuse to testify against their fellow officers when they do something wrong. Even worse, they will actively cover up for each other in bad circumstances; if one officer puts a cover charge on an individual following an instance of abuse or misconduct, other officers go along with the story and become part of the cover-up as well.

How Attorney Alan Lasseter can Help

Being found guilty of an assault or other cover charge not only opens up the defendant to serious criminal penalties, it means the victim of police brutality will lose his or her civil case. Even though he’s not a criminal defense lawyer by trade, Alan Lasseter has been known to take on the criminal case for his client, because he knows what is at stake and how important it is to beat the criminal charge in order to keep the civil claim alive. At the Lasseter Law Firm, Birmingham civil rights lawyer Alan Lasseter goes to great lengths to uncover the cover-up and prove the police officer’s liability for a violation of civil rights through willful and unreasonable conduct.

Help is Available for Victims of Police Misconduct in Alabama

Police misconduct does occur, and there is something you can do about it. If you have been the victim of police brutality, jail medical negligence, prison abuse or false arrest in Alabama, call the Lasseter Law Firm in Birmingham at 205-438-6591 for a free and confidential consultation with an experienced and successful Alabama police misconduct lawyer.

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