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Monthly Archives: April 2020


If a Suspect Gets Away Can There be an Excessive Force Claim?

By Lasseter Law Firm P.C. |

Like so many institutions, the U.S. Supreme Court has put off normal operations during the Coronavirus crisis. One case that has been put on hold could have lasting effects on excessive force cases. The case involves the use of excessive force, and how it interacts with the fourth amendment to the constitution, which prohibits… Read More »

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Excessive Force and Abuse Sometimes Don’t Appear in Officers’ Files

By Lasseter Law Firm P.C. |

It is difficult to know if an otherwise good police officer, a good person with a clean prior record, will exceed the force necessary to do his or her job. But sometimes, there is a way to predict bad behavior—simply check the officer’s background before hiring him or her. Yet, that seemingly easy step… Read More »

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Yet Another Case of Police Using Excessive Force Against a Young Child

By Lasseter Law Firm P.C. |

It seems that so many problems that happen between police and citizens occur in communities or groups that officers are not trained to properly deal with. Examples, many of which we have written about, include the young, the very old, or the mentally handicapped. Once again, police seem to have used excessive force when… Read More »

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Prison Guards and Jail Law Enforcement Must Take Care of Inmates

By Lasseter Law Firm P.C. |

As a general rule, police cannot be sued for failing to help or assist you in an emergency situation. They of course almost always will, as that is their job. But lawsuits that say that an officer did not respond in the right way, or that an officer did not take enough action, are… Read More »

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