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Monthly Archives: January 2020


Confidential Informants Can Lead to Police Violence

By Lasseter Law Firm P.C. |

Imagine that police, acting on a tip from a confidential informant, burst into a home, expecting to make a drug raid or stop illegal activity going on at the property. Police forcibly enter, only to be met by gunfire from the person (or people) inside. In the end, not only are officers dead, but… Read More »

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Police are Often Untrained to Deal With the Mentally Disabled

By Lasseter Law Firm P.C. |

When police arrive at a scene or encounter a suspect, they generally have warning signs that they look for to determine whether they are in danger. Many of those warning signs are common sense—for example, someone who waives their arms erratically or screams or moves when being told to remain stationary, may pose a… Read More »

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