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Monthly Archives: November 2019


Video Footage of Police Brutality Is Not Always Conclusive

By Lasseter Law Firm P.C. |

With the rise of police brutality came more and more police departments requiring officers to wear body cameras. These small, portable cameras (many of which are also available for consumer purchase) were supposed to catch and record everything an officer says and does. The result would be a deterrent to officers overstepping their boundaries,… Read More »

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Is it Police Brutality if the Police Don’t Cause Physical Harm?

By Lasseter Law Firm P.C. |

On August 3, a man in Texas was arrested for criminal trespassing. What happened afterward became yet another example of police overstepping boundaries, and a good example of a potential case for emotional distress damages. Man is Publicly Humiliated At the time of the man’s arrest, only police mounted on horses were available. The… Read More »

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