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Monthly Archives: October 2019


Police Accidentally Record Themselves Conspiring Against Activist

By Lasseter Law Firm P.C. |

In most cases, showing wrongful conduct by police officers involves some kind of circumstantial evidence. After all, showing retaliation, or bad intent, requires that we get into the head of the wrongdoer. Most law enforcement officers are not going to readily admit that they abused someone, or that they retaliated against them. However, in… Read More »

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Supreme Court Makes Retaliatory Arrests Easier for Police

By Lasseter Law Firm P.C. |

Imagine that you are exercising your right to free speech, and that speech happens to be something that is critical of law enforcement. Shortly after, you are mysteriously arrested, for a charge that you know is false. It becomes clear that your arrest was not because of anything you did that was illegal, but… Read More »

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