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Alabama Police Misconduct Lawyer
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Monthly Archives: September 2019


Police Misconduct is Often Protected by Qualified Immunity

By Lasseter Law Firm P.C. |

Pretend for a moment that you are a victim of police brutality. Law enforcement has overstepped their bounds, used excessive force, and caused you serious injury. You are eventually released and never charged for whatever it was that you were arrested for. You file a lawsuit. Why won’t the city or the police department… Read More »

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Siri Modification Raises Question of When You Can Legally Record Police

By Lasseter Law Firm P.C. |

It seems like every day technology is interacting with the law. One of the biggest contributions technology has made to the field of protecting citizens from police misconduct is the ability to record immediately, on the go. In fact, many police departments are equipping their officers with small, portable body cameras. Siri Modifications A… Read More »

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